how does the world breathe now?

Inspired by the poem An Angry World written in 1960 by the Indonesian poet Rendra, in which the poet questions the corruption and inequalities of the world, the film series how does the world breathe now? explores how art, specifically film, reveals the messiness of the world and how it may also help us find means of going forward.

It is a weekly yearlong film series in which we invite a different artist/filmmaker/curator/academic/scientist/etc to select and screen a film of his/her choosing and to lead a discussion afterwards about the significance of the film within its original context as how it resonates with issues we face today.

The concept was written by Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung and is curated by Antonia Alampi, Elena Agudio, and myself. My role encompasses a broad array of responsibilities from helping select the invited discussion leaders, coordinating with them to select a film, contacting third parties to secure the rights, and writing a budget and grant proposal for funding, to arranging the tech on the screening date and sometimes also co-moderating the discussions.

Information on past and upcoming screenings can be found here.