Undergraduate Theses

After my year abroad at the University of Chile in Santiago, I decided to write my senior theses about one scarcely studied work that I had encountered there, Contraproyecto by Carla Grandi, and another fairly well known work, La Nueva Novela by Juan Luis Martínez. Given that I double majored in History of Art and Spanish, I wrote two theses.

“El contraproyecto en Contraproyecto: La obra de Carla Grandi dentro del contexto político y poético de la dictadura en Chile” is an analysis of Contraproyecto (1984/1987) by the Chilean poet Carla Grandi as a counterproject against the masculine literary canon and the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.

It considers the four distinct sections of Grandi’s work as different instances of counterproject that allow the reader to resist the regime. Additionally, it places Grandi within the historical moment in which women were advocating for democracy both in private and public spheres, considering how female poets and artists in particular expressed their positions as women within the city under the dictatorship.

“Reading as Resistance: Contraproyecto by Carla Grandi and La Nueva Novela by Juan Luis Martínez as works of conceptual art against the Chilean dictatorship” is an examination of Grandi and Martínez’s respective uses of mental exercises and reflexive montage to give readers a means through which to make sense of and resist their daily reality.

It connects the works both to each other, their political and historical context, and to poetic and artistic traditions of resistance in Chile and Latin America.

Please contact me directly if you would like to have access to a copy of my thesis.