Still from "Moving Still. How Do We Go From Here?" theater performance at SAVVY Contemporary. Footage taken by Bolatito Aderemi-Ibitola.

In addition to my academic interest in Art History, I consider my artistic practice to be a vital form through which I understand conceptual art. One of my particular interests is in performance because of the way that it allows me to explore space and bodies within space, directly confront my audience, and viscerally communicate complex ideas.

I have created and performed various works both while at Haverford College and in Berlin.

Most recently I was a creator and performer in the devised theater production Moving Still. How Do We Go From Here?  at SAVVY Contemporary.

Moving Still. How Do Go From Here? was the culmination of a 6-week devised theater intervention into the Colonial Neighbours archive of SAVVY Contemporary facilitated by artist in residence Bolatito Aderemi-Ibitola.

At the moment I am applying some of my ideas about performativity to my current conceptual bookmaking project, which you can read about here.

Still from "Moving Still. How Do Go From Here?" theater performance. Photographer David Helbock.