Within the framework of Edit Film Culture!, UNITED SCREENS opened the first chapter of a long term research project including exhibitions, invocations, interviews, etc. to observe divergent film cultures and to inquire into the possibility of a decentralized ecosystem for cinema and film distribution powered by technology.

As part of the project, SAVVY Contemporary hosted two days of INVOCATIONS featuring screening and moderated talks, which aimed to map global film cultures and to challenge dominant (German) film culture, respectively.

The first night of  Invocations was part of COMING SOON TO YOUR SCREENS: On Archives, Legacies, and New Waves of Sudanese Cinema, co-hosted by Arsenal Institute for Film and Video Art, and featured Talal Afifi of the Sudan Film Factory and the filmmaker, curator, and film scholar Dr. Viola Shafik. On this evening we discussed building film cultures in Sudan and Egypt as well as finding alternative means of distribution that do not follow the conventional South to North one-sided pipeline.

For the second conversation, on infiltrating German film culture, we invited Oliver Hardt, Amelia Umuhire, and Verena von Stackelberg,  three film professionals from shooting, directing, producing, and cinema-programming backgrounds who work in Germany.  With them, we discussed where they see their themselves within German film culture and what different perspectives this gives them.

I was responsible for coordinating and moderating the conversations, including deciding on participants, inviting them, and managing the events day-of.

More information about the exhibition and the invocations can be found here.